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Gregg Nestor

Cantares for Soprano and Guitar

by Gregg Nestor

Clear Note
Clear Note
A stunning collection of Spanish and Latin American songs spanning five centuries. Includes the haunting "Porque es, dama, tanto quereros?" by Diego Pisador, and other works by 16th-century composers.
Cantares for Soprano and Guitar


The richness of language–Spanish and its numerous dialects, as well as indigenous tongues–imbues Spanish and Latin American song literature with an infinite variety of melodic and rhythmic textures. This CD contains a fascinating collection of these songs.


Four Sixteenth Century Songs
1. Porque es, dama,tanto quereros? Diego Pisador
2. Donde son estas serranas? Enrique de Valderrabano
3. Agora vienese un viento… Luis de Milán
4. Se te vas a bañar, Juanica… Diego Pisador (arr. by G.Tarrago)

No se emendera jamas
5. Aria (No se emenderá jamas) G.F.Handel**
6. Recitativo (No se emenderá jamas) G.F.Handel**
7. Aria (No se emenderá jamas) G.F.Handel**

Siete cantares
8. La indita (7 cantares) Roberto Gerhard
9. El toro (7 cantares) Roberto Gerhard
10. La auséncia (7 cantares) Roberto Gerhard
11. Un galán y su morena (7 cantares) Roberto Gerhard
12. La lobada (7 cantares) Roberto Gerhard
13. La muerte y la donzella (7 cantares) Roberto Gerhard
14. Reinas de la baraja (7 cantares) Roberto Gerhard

Seis poemas arcaicos
15. Más quiero morir… (6 poemas) Manuel M. Ponce*
16. Zagaleja del Casar… (6 poemas) Manuel M. Ponce*
17. De las sierras…(6 poemas) Manuel M. Ponce*
18. Sol,sol,gi,gi… (6 poemas) Manuel M. Ponce*
19. Desciende el valle, niña… (6 poemas) Manuel M. Ponce*
20. Tres morillas… (6 poemas) Manuel M. Ponce*
21. Estrellita Manuel M. Ponce*

Two Columbian Folksongs
22. Mis flores negras Miguel Sandoval*
23. Por b uneso de tu boca Miguel Sandoval*

Cuatro canciones aztecas
24. No nantzin Salvador Moreno*
25. Ihcuac tlaneci… Salvador Moreno*
26. To ilhuicac tlahtzin Salvador Moreno*
27. To huey tlahtzin Cuauhtémoc Salvador Moreno*

* Arranged by Gregg Nestor
** Arranged by Raymond Burley


Recorded at The Place, NYC
Recording Engineer: Evan Richey
Executive Producer: Lincoln Mayorga
Produced by Gregg Nestor and Anna Bartos
Mastering: Gavin Lurssen, The Mastering Lab
Art Direction: Suzanne Hollander
Cover Design: Sean Hickey
Cover Photo: John Purick

Clear Note

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